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Sometimes sites are just buggy. What you said about the website being inaccessible makes me think it's not you, because I don't think the mods could do that. But whether it was a hiccup of the interwebs or whether it was something to do with the moderators, I'm sorry you've been having so many difficulties!

Thoughts on your thoughts --

Thought 1: Very rarely, actually. The two of them are very close, and almost all of our sex has been with all three of us participating. Gia and I have fooled around when Eric hasn't been present, and there was one night when he was out of town on a business trip and I stayed over with her and spent the night. But they just don't like to sleep apart if they can avoid it. So, it's possible but unlikely. And no, it wasn't a tent, but I don't want to go into details that could potentially identify anyone.

Thought 2: You're right about almost all of this. But, for the record, Eric and I have shared "sexual love" plenty of times before (see above). My guess is that he certainly feels affection for me, maybe even loves me as a friend, *maybe* even as something more than that... but I highly doubt that his feelings are at the level as mine. But hey, who can claim to know the secret workings of the mind of another? Not I, certainly.

Thought 3: Could be.

Thought 4: Ha! You're right, I was totally exaggerating there. In addition Gia/Eric and Harry there's the other "good strong secondary relationship with a male friend and a few casual sexual partners" that I mentioned in my first post. I'm certainly not lacking in connections to occupy my thoughts and attention.

Thought 5: Thanks.

Thought 6: They really are.

Thought 7: Absolutely.
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