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Had the longest night sleep yet....perhaps my head is out of my ass...can only hope.
EXCELLENT! Each little bit more is a step in the right direction! I thought of you yesterday when I got an email (from a newsletter I subscribe to) that was talking about how to get to sleep. They suggested running and some other things. I can't recall the specifics-just that it made me think of you.

Have an appointment for myself on the 28th was scheduled in the early after math.... the therapist was out of town or going out of the earliest available appointments.
That's good too. One day at a time. Sometimes it seems like forever, but that's all the more we can do.

The trust in her words is gone.
I can only imagine. What a disaster. I can't help but wonder what the hell she's thinking (but my major is Psych, it's not a personal wonder, it's from the curiosity of work that I wonder).

I unsure what you mean by the conversation is lacking in communication.
What I meant-is that it appears people are presuming that what you say here is "the whole kit and kaboodle" and are expressing concern over what your words here might transfer to actions in real life as. I don't think that they are recieving precisely what you are trying to express. Not judging-God knows it happens ALL OF THE TIME to me. Just-my impression is that you are busting your ass to clean up a disaster that you didn't create and not that you are simply running around manic acting like an ass.

Its true people have given me links to look into for better understanding... And I have not....I think I carried enough of the load right painful.and to tired.
Makes perfect sense to me. Someday-if you re-read the thread when your life isn't turned upside down, you will see the post I made to more information. In it I said it was for later, when you weren't in an uproar. I totally get it. You can't do EVERYTHING at one time. EVEN if you wanted to.

As you said if one of your kids discovered pictures of you or walked while you hanging form the ceiling YOU would be the one to talk with that child not your father or some non- involved person cleaning up after you. That seems responsible....and I believe you when you say it. I don't have that.
D, I can't even IMAGINE the level of irresponsibility your wife has shown to your kids. I can't wrap my mind around it. Not even for 5 seconds. I don't allow myself to get into situations where that shit would happen. BUT-if ANYTHING that bothered or left my kids in question came up-you're damn right, if I had the balls to participate in the activity-I have the responsibility to ensure that it doesn't destroy my kids. I'd be right there at their side.

You gave the impression you not into these types of photo's by twice referring to such images as" shit " I'm again surprised ....don't know why just I'm.
Oh honey-you really should take time to check out my blogs. I'm not into that shit. Not in the pictures OR the activities.
There is a BDSM thread on this site somewhere, that I started. I think it pretty clearly stresses just precisely how not into that shit I am. I can respect anyone doing whatever they want in their own life.
But-in my life? Hell no. I have a slave-and there is NO WAY I would EVER treat him that way. He obeys me. But, he wouldn't have agreed to being my slave and obeying me if I were the kind of person who would degrade or demean another.
If you are curious-pm me, it doesn't fit this thread really. I've a limited interest in BDSM, specifically in D/s-I'm not into S/M or anything beyond light bondage.

Thanks ....You're on the right track .....except I wasn't planing to send it ...just display it and perhaps inquire as to how he was planning to make me his me....something like that.
I'm boggled by his cockiness. I think that's a hell of a lot calmer than I would be. . . .
No, I know it is. If someone said they were going to make me their bitch-I'd be violent. shrug.

I think you're doing a great job. I'm sorry you have to-but I'm glad there are people out there who are willing to make that effort for their kids.
"Love As Thou Wilt"