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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Alright alright GEEZUS -

How about "tired". Is that better than "sick"? "tired of seeing it come up in situations every so often". Ever heard of two little things called metaphor and hyperbole?

For crying out loud.... **I** apologize OK? for IMPLYING or ASSUMING that you or anyone else was "sickened".

No one can relax around here for a goddamned millisecond....
Hey! Keep your shirt on, OK?

I joked on another thread that I'm seriously considering changing my user name to ResidentPedant. Just a joke, but this is an international site and as a fluent speaker of several languages, I know how subtle nuances can get so easily misinterpreted - even by native speakers of the same language. [I took part in one thread where some senior members tried to give helpful advice and the newbies took it very badly and threatened to leave and never return. Some people's policy might be "don't pamper them: let 'em leave" but in the short time I've been on here I have witnessed a lot of pain, and it'd be nice if those of us with more experience in polyamory - and in talking about our emotions - showed a bit more patience with people who are struggling with it.]

However, that's by-the-bye. I didn't attack you, I wanted to clarify myself (and was willing to apologise to anybody who'd misunderstood my first comment)... and I ended up not doing a very good job. Because I'm NOT sick or tired of "seeing it come up in situations every so often". I personally haven't seen it all that often. I've only been contributing to this site since the 9th of February this year, and only a few days each week at that.

HOWEVER, nycindie made a suggestion that I felt deserved serious consideration and I threw in my tuppence [two cents] worth. I have been slightly affected by the situation, and I can imagine others (who've been on here longer) to have come across it more often. And if some people are bothered by the issue, I vote for the creation of the BDSM section.
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