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It occurs to me why the last comment might have been erased by moderators:
Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Thought 1: You have sex with Gia sometimes without Eric, no? Is it not conceivable that on the odd occasion you, she, and the child will be cramping each other's style in this camping thingie (I'm curious: I assume it isn't a tent?) without Eric?
By a very wild stretch of the imagination, this might be considered an allusion to sex with minors. OMG! Nothing further from the truth! It might have been less ambiguous if I'd written "You've spent the night with Gia sometimes without Eric, no?" but I gather that this [just the 2 of them spending the whole night together] is not the case.

I merely meant that Gia and Annabel have had quality "just the girls together" time together, and this might extend to times - even camping trips? - with the coming baby when Eric's not there. And the "cramping each other's style" refers to Annabel's comment that the camping thingie they built was rather small for 2 adults and a baby. Unfortunate juxtaposition of words, nothing more.

Somehow, explaining that calls attention to something that wasn't there in the first place... but I honestly can't imagine any other reason for that comment's being deleted.
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