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Question Suprises! Poly being one of them period

A few years ago I asked my lovely wife into bringing in a third lady for some fun and pleasure etc. That relationship lasted about a year. And during that time I fell madly in love with our lady. My wife, of 11 yrs at the time, and I became so much closer. I found her more attractive and I felt so much more complete.

Surprise 1
I cannot explain the surprise in inner pleasure that I got when I saw the two of them kissing and experiencing themselves together with me. It was a sense of pride and an inner feeling I've never experienced myself. I had seen bi lady's on video's and porn etc and was aroused but I was never turned on so much until I saw to people that I loved in this manner.

Surprise 2
After some very very bad decision with this lady above I realized that "Not every relationship is the same" But they can be close as well.

Surprise 3
Being of Poly nature! I had not known about Poly or could never lay my finger on "what was wrong with me". Now I just have to figure out how to make the transition into a poly life with the one woman that has stuck by me through thick and thin. I love her so much... However, she is Monogomous... AH I'm scared!

Grown straight men can be scared to right?
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