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Default apologies if this is repeated

... and apologies for that last comment ("testing, testing...")

Strange things have been going on today with my relationship with this web-site:

First, when I tried to preview one post, I kept getting a message that was unaccessible.

Then, when I typed in in the URL field at the top of the window and tried accessing that way, I was directed to some commercial site that uses the word polyamory arbitrarily to sell their services - nothing to do with this site OR polyamory (I suppose). But having just read that this site is owned by somebody who doesn't post here (but whose permission is needed to make important changes), I wondered if - by amazing coincidence - I had been caught at exactly the time when said owner had sold the site name to a commercial concern. (An artist friend of mine who didn't renew her web-site contract in time found it being used as a porno site.)

Next, I found that a comment I did manage to post successfully subsequently disappeared (with no trace on the thread page nor in my file of comments that I'd posted)... and then reappeared again some time later.

And now I find that a comment I posted on this thread has also disappeared without trace.

Hence the title: in case it, too, should mysteriously reappear.

Luckily, I've kept a Word document copy of it and can paste it in here exactly as I posted it originally. (Well, I have edited one minor detail and added one smiley.)

[A quiet word to the site moderators: If I am on some kind of probation here, and every comment I post is going to disappear into some Internet limbo until it's deemed fit to print, I would appreciate being informed of the fact... and being informed of the reason for your mistrust of me.]

So here is my comment again (please forgive if it's repeated):

Annabel, you're an inspiration! I think that this is my favourite thread on the board... and I'll admit to feeling a tad (more than a tad) disappointed that you hadn't added anything the last few times I made it into town to catch up on Internet stuff. Please don't take that as criticism!

It's difficult to know what to advise when we don't know the people concerned. And anyway, I don't want to advise. I just want to throw in some thoughts that occur to me, and you can decide if they're worth picking up or if they're right off-keel. (Mixed metaphors are my speciality.)

Thought 1: You have sex with Gia sometimes without Eric, no? Is it not conceivable that on the odd occasion you, she, and the child will be cramping each other's style in this camping thingie (I'm curious: I assume it isn't a tent?) without Eric?

Thought 2: I'm happy for you that you spoke up. You're so right when you say: "I'm pretty sure that the pain I felt from not even *asking* for what I wanted was worse than just getting gently denied would have been." (And I think that that's going to apply to telling Eric that you love him: the worrying about it beforehand is going to be worse than the actual telling - or his reaction. From everything that you've written so far, I'd say that he loves you - maybe not in a sexual way, but if you don't obsess on that detail... If he says something that wounds you, I'm handing back my tin "honorary grandmother" badge!)

Thought 3: Hey! I hope that you let Eric down gently when you turned down his invitation after the party! Maybe he's wandering about in a funk: "Why did she reject me?!"

Thought 4: Quote: "you're spending all of your time and energy on something that's not going anywhere!" All of your time and energy??? Wot about Harry? You need to take some classes in obsession if you want to do it right!

Thought 5: I think you've worked out a good, simple declaration of love for Eric.

Thought 6: [If you want, you can] tell Eric and Gia from me that if they deserve somebody like you... they must be pretty wonderful!

Thought 7: Pay attention to the 4th quote in my signature. (New since the last time I commented here.)
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