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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Your desire to buy the hook and have it on the table when you confront them creeps me out and makes me feel a bit ill.

This is an honest reporting of my gut reaction, though I am not yet able to articulate exactly why... partly due to time constraints, and partly due to the fact that just thinking about it makes me queasy so I am unable to focus on divining the reasons behind my reaction.

There is definitely something wrong with this, though.
I think the reason it creeps me out is that it is so vindictive and full of hate. And who are you, dingedheart, referring to when you say you're planning on sitting "them" down with it there? If it's your daughter and your wife, that is just plain mean. It's bad enough to have to have seen the pictures at 13, do you really want her to be in the same room with the instrument and get even more information about what that must have been like, to see it and be able to touch it?? Just seems cruel. Even if it's his wife and her boyfriend, its still mean and vindictive. Why have it there?