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Originally Posted by CDarklock View Post
I don't know how to be completely and totally devoted to two people in the same room. I'm at an absolute loss. How does that work? What should I do?
I'd advise taking some very quiet introspective time, as much as is needed, to examine what unconscious beliefs may be involved, here. Or, if quiet, solitary introspection isn't your forte, find a highly trusted friend who can help you think-talk your way into it. I suspect that there is probably one of these subconscious beliefs at work in this pattern of feeling. Perhaps, you worry (consciously or otherwise) that there may be jealousies arising from inequal attention to your lovers-in-the-same-room? Maybe you feel that it is incumbent upon you to insure that such jealousy doesn't arise, or that if it arises, perhaps you feel you must somehow handle the situation in top form? That sounds like a bit of pressure!, a heap of responsibility. Maybe you could distribute the burden by not accepting it all? Let the others assume some?

Wild guesses -- but I've been there. Fortunately, I was able to express great affection toward my new (though brief) love with my longtime lover right by my side.

Maybe you can talk with each of them about this challenge you are facing and enlist them in assisting you in your inquiry and in your process?
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