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Default Potential Poly vs Mono problems

I lieu of recent situations in my own life, I wanted to pose a hypothetical scenario, and if anyone has experienced the situation, see how they have dealt with it.

Say you have been in a monogamous relationship for a year +. You are not looking to be poly or looking for another partner. But then you fall in love with someone else who loves you back, and find that you are still very much in love with your current partner. You realize that you do not want to have to choose, because each love is unique and special in itself and you don't want to lose either.

You do some research, discover the idea of polyamory and realize that it is ok to be in love with two people. You discus that possibility with your current partner, but he/she is really not ok with anything but monogamy. Since you feel that your primary responsibility is with your partner, you decide to stay monogamous.

How do you handle this?

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