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Originally Posted by Eloise View Post
So I don't know why I hurt so much suddenly. And I screamed and slammed and pounded. Why I broke self control... why it hurt so much.... I suddenly don't want to be friends with this other couple anymore either. I feel awful. I feel immature. I don't know what to do.
A few weeks ago one of my partners (male) met one of my very good friends (female). 24 hours after meeting each other they initiated intimacy that had me feeling a lot like what you shared. 48 hours passed. I suddenly felt better. Because i realized that me and my male partner have totally different definitions of what polyamory is. So we talked about that.

Another idea i had was for you to try to feel love for the female part of this couple, instead of anger or sarcasm. Even if you don't feel them right now, it would do you good to say nice things about her in your heart. It's a good practice, and effective. Soon you will come to see the traits in her that the male part of this couple sees and loves.
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