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hello to all

Had the longest night sleep yet....perhaps my head is out of my ass...can only hope.

Carma we have separate checking accounts.... I bought the house pd cash she pays some utilities and some other stuff can't really remember now.

It just seems I'm saddle with the whole fucking mess.... Maybe I should offer to pay for his counseling too....I'm sure he feels a little guilty..... you broke it you fix it.....that is a common phrase used in my shop.....seems appropriate in this as well.


I want to purchase that hook thing....that is why I ask what its called. I really don't feel comfortable enough to do that is person today. I am going request one of my employee's do it for me. I would never ask certain people here in the office.....on the other hand there are few guy's here in which it may turn into interesting conversation. I'm guessing there may be resistance or a refusal. I was really thinking of their reactions to my request that's all.

Have an appointment for myself on the 28th was scheduled in the early after math.... the therapist was out of town or going out of the earliest available appointments.

I have not been told she was suicidal by anyone other than her the day after the meltdown..... she may have said similar things that night as well. I told her at the time that it would only compound the problem and I think you have been selfish enough and to start thinking of your kids.
Right now if she walk up to me and told me she was going to kill herself I'd have a hard time believing it at face value. The trust in her words is gone.


Thanks you for the input.

I unsure what you mean by the conversation is lacking in communication. I think everyone is/has communicated their thoughts quite clearly. Its true people have given me links to look into for better understanding... And I have not....I think I carried enough of the load right painful.and to tired.
As you said if one of your kids discovered pictures of you or walked while you hanging form the ceiling YOU would be the one to talk with that child not your father or some non- involved person cleaning up after you. That seems responsible....and I believe you when you say it. I don't have that.

You gave the impression you not into these types of photo's by twice referring to such images as" shit " I'm again surprised ....don't know why just I'm.


Your bullet point summarize very nicely...I could add several more but I think you've given the general picture.

The question you asked of that the same as when you asked if she was a owned slave. Are these related? I asked then... what difference would/should that make to me??

I had thought originally that she would resurface after a week or so....

I planned to sit both of them down in my conference room with all the material and have a discussion. That's why I want the hook..... center piece for the table.

I feel I have shouldered this entire you say ask before you judge. Well how about they offer so I don't have to draw my own conclusions.

Most of the "why" questions have been answered with I don't know you need to ask her. Which is true.

The big topic in her (daughters) sessions from what I've been told is the mental torture from the discovery of the material and her final breakdown in telling me......and the then the surround aftermath. And yes "accidents" are not uncommon and they have told me several general stories. Mostly older kids walking into live situations.... one kid running into parents at some event or group party. Injuries are not uncommon either.


Thanks ....You're on the right track .....except I wasn't planing to send it ...just display it and perhaps inquire as to how he was planning to make me his me....something like that.

I think he believes all emails and photo's were deleted early on he/they don't know what I have. So ya still a little angry with fuckboy....can't see that going away. You won't find one thing... one email text were I've attacked him .... I've said here I got a bad vibe...made a joke about his name but that's it. If I did please correct me ...I don't remember.

Thank you all D