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Default Thank you, everyone!

Haven't been able to post for a while due to health issues, but now I think I'm back in the game!

Great input, thank you. I will be there if I'm needed, but will not impose myself on anyone.

Recent things that have popped into my mind with a new physical relationship in the works;

1) BDSM. Does. Not. Excite. Me. Sexually. Will a mixed-orientation relationship with me and a BDSM enthusiast ever work, or shall we eventually grow frustrated/bored? I'm hoping it could be a shared hobby, I'm always open to learning new stuff, but can I really trivialize someone's sexual identity to the level of a hobby?

2) Time-management, or why do I keep receiving text messages? I know the answer for this; take a calendar and schedule. I hate giving the impression that I'm not as eager as I am, but I just require a lot of me time and am not interested in constant instant communication, powered by modern communication technologies. How to say stop blowing up my phone nicely? It's not that I don't like them; I just require a lot less constant in-touchness than I think most people do.
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