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Originally Posted by RitaFire View Post
Well, I take everything that any man in the heat of infatuation says with a grain of salt. They are clouded during that time, and their sex drive often causes them to bend the truth or say things to impress their conquest.
Aint that the truth?


The parallels between this guy and the one from before is kind of uncanny. What is it that draws this type of man to me? Those that are married and want to cheat.
I doubt it's something in you... I had a note on my ok cupid profile that I wasn't interested in married men, which I thought was worded too harshly and rudely, so I took it off. Almost immediately I started getting messages from married guys who wanted a "discreet" affair on the side. Bleh.

And why do I seem to enjoy their attention, despite the pain? Why would I think they would ever be honest with me about anything, and even be a good friend to me, if they are willing to lie and cheat on their soul mate and primary partner?
That's a good question... It feels good to get attention, to feel desired. But when married men approach me, I just feel dirty.
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