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thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking these boards for a while now.. you all seem like really nice people.

online vs face to face.. if we do end up dating I would want to meet him face to face of course.. but to me thats not a deal breaker. we live in different countries, but airfare is rather cheap. Was recently checking since I'm going to go visit another online friend that lives sorta closeby

I agree there's no rush to push this into a relationship, Im happy just to flirt but Lobster (yes im trying to come up with an alternative name) insists that I let Penguin know that he knows and is ok with it. We are working together on a message for me to send to him. basically explaining the situation but without pushing for any sort of committment or relationship status.. it's tricky but I think the tone of the message is where I'm comfortable with it.

Since we all hang out a lot, and with other friends/acquaintances, we talked about how to deal with stuff like the talk behind our backs that is likely to start. My opinion is I rather have them know we are poly and that it's all good, than being seen as cheating. Lobster would prefer to not let anyone know and I'm not sure that's going to be possible in our little clique.

Maybe I just worry too much
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