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@Carma- at some point Dinged said that she makes good money, but isn't interested in spending it on anything... he pays for everything, even though he has asked for their to be more of a balance. Something along those lines... that was a while back... I don't know if I got that right, just going by memory.

This is what I am getting from this thread
  • she hurt her child when the pictures she was in were carelessly put away on the computer.
  • she hurt her child and dinged doesn't know what to do
  • She is a dirty cumslut and he is a fuckdog (or something along those lines anyway... my personal fav was asswhore btw )
  • They have not said anything useful
  • She is a mess and hiding 200 miles away
  • Dinged is doing his best to put the pieces back together but doesn't know the first thing about BDSM and doesn't care to
  • There is a "team" on board to sort this out legally.

I still haven't seen any posts on whether or not this was BDSM or abuse, whether or not any progression to understanding BDSM has been made in order to reassure the kids, or what this man has to say for himself... have you asked him or her what their version of what went on is? If this were me I would ask that first, judge later. Finding out the truth would be my first place to start if I wanted to console my child. How to console a child that doesn't understand something I also don't understand would make me want to at least try to understand so that I might be able to offer a constructive answer as to "why" those pictures occurred... I would want to do this so as to move on from the content of the pictures so as to help my daughter heal.

This being said, I have no emotional attachment to your wife dinged... I have no feelings of her and have had none. I can see where it would be hard to separate ones feelings from what has happened... not only has this happened, but I would think you feel betrayed and extremely hurt and deceived as to who your wife really is. I think I would have so many questions for her and be in such a place of anger I would find it near impossible to ask them. I can see why coming on here and calling her names would be a step towards asking those questions...

I am wondering if and when you will start researching what the hell a person would want a hook in their ass and names written on the side of them for. I would want to know what others in the kind community have said to their kids and what others have done about such "accidents" I gave you a link, others have told you a bit about BDSM... It might really help to pay attention at some point to what its about... first it might be helpful to see if that is what was going on and not an abuse situation.
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