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I hope you don't mind. I think I will think out loud here. Feel free to comment.

My fiance... is family. He is my life time companion. We are totally opposite yet fit perfectly together. By day I am his protector. I am the head of our household. I am strong and gaurded. I have him to thank for this role, because it is his addiction that gave me no choice but to find this strong woman that was hidden from me. I am truly thankful to have grown from him. By night, he is my protector. I am weak and fragile in his arms. He rewards me for all of my hard work, with love and understanding, and he wants to serve me in anyway he possibly can. I cannot speak of something and do it myself because he so much wants to do it all for me. We take care of each other because we are family. I cannot be without my family.

My friend, is my soulmate. We have always had an intelectual connection. He is my best friend. The one person in the world I trust with all of the crazy thoughts that pop into my head. I am not able to have any gaurds around him. I am exposed to him like no one has ever seen me. In his eyes, nothing I do is wrong, because he knows that even when I make mistakes my intentions where always of pure heart. He wants to be my protector. He makes me so happy in everyway. Our bond will never be broken even if we go our separate ways. I know that I would not roll over and die to loose either one of them... physically. But the thought of being with out either... the world spins around me and my heart hurts and... I will not be the same without both of them. I need them.

Will continue my thoughts in a few. I need a break from the emotions for a sec.
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