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I don't understand the rational behind it being okay for older people. By that I am thinking he means people on a different stage of life than you two are... am I right? There are women I know who are younger than me and grandparents already, so age really plays no bearing... anyway, I digress...

He isn't going to be there this weekend? He knows you will be having sex with strangers, but isn't okay with you being in love with another? He said he doesn't get that people could be intimate with more than one person, yet he is okay with you going to this event? Ya. confused also.

Shouldn't following your heart when someone shows up be open for at least discussion? What if you meet someone at this party and have sex and find you are the type of person that becomes connected through sex. What if you want to see them again and fall in love.... It seems there are some possible scenarios that need to be discussed before this weekend no? What is it about having a three year old that makes a difference in terms of starting a poly relationship dynamic? Poly families can be an awesome way to raise children. It sounds like you are moving forward, but that there are some pieces missing in your communication.
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