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Lots of discussion last night. He said he can see the value of it for older people, past babymaking age... he said he would basically want to be monogamous from when/if we conceive a baby until that baby is 3 at least. I can understand and appreciate that and sought an answer from him on whether he would be willing to discuss polyamory when we are a bit older. I outlined my concerns that now i've opened my eyes about this that if i fell in love with someone else I might be forced into an impossible choice. He can't understand how you can possibly be intimate with more than one person, but I said I think it would be fairly natural for me. It's all hypothetical anyway at the moment. He was expecting to to reveal to him that I am polyamorous but I've said I still have no idea, and that if I don't act on it then I can't really label myself at all. I think I have the potential to love more than one person at a time, but for now will respect that he isn't ok with sharing me like that. Now I just hope if I get some casual action on the weekend that I come home clean... of course I would use a condom but I've never had so much as crabs...
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