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Default A Hesitant Couple...

Hi there, everyone. We're Xu and Sol. We're a couple of geeks living in southeastern Iowa. We're currently exploring the poly scene as best we can from here, and this site looked like a likely place to get some much needed information.

A bit about us:

Like I said, I'm Xu. I'm 21 years old, male, and I vary from completely lazy to ridiculously inspired and excitable.. among other things. I'm a stereotypical geek; I love to read long novels, play multiplayer games (video or board), and just cuddle on the couch watching geeky movies or shows. I'm very affectionate and am not afraid to show it. I don't know what kind of prefix-sexual I am.. Suffice to say I find the male and female forms equally pleasing. I'm very easy-going, though very protective of my Sol as well. :3 I'm very open and willing to answer any questions you might have.

I'm Sol, Xu's tiny spastic little princess! I'm nineteen (twenty in April), female obviously, I'm still experimenting with my sexuality (not sure if I like girls yet), and I'm a geek too! I like Pokemon, video games, anime and manga, and reading (though I don't often get the chance to read, what with my college work). Speaking of college, I'm attending for a degree in Computer Science! (Told you I'm a geek!) I'm also cuddly and affectionate and playful and especially fond of mutual doting and snuggles
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