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A little update... I talked to my friend for hours last night. His emotions and thoughts are all over the place. First, he begged me not to tell my fiance and to choose the life I have with my fiance. He worries for me and does not want me to ache anymore than I already do. He spoke to his roomates about the situation. He said that they said I was insane and to run in the other direction. When I made no response, he said they have little affect on what he thinks and feels. He just need to speak the words. As the conversation continued he started asking more and more questions about poly and what the dynamics of our relationships would be and if he would be allowed to have another girlfriend. He was genuinely considering... yet at the same time he says he cannot. I answered his questions as best I could, but with me really not know how to even bridge the gap between the two or how to even bring up the subject to my fiance I am kinda grasping at air right now. Any suggestions on websites for research or even books on poly?
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