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Part of my business is part-leasing riding horses out to those riders (usually university students) who can`t afford a horse of their own, or who are to busy to take care of a horse fully.

This means I still use these horses for personal/business use, but they also end up with someone who will part-lease them and enjoy them as well.

My horses are not available for 'hire' by random people. Anyone part-leasing a horse, needs to commit for at least 6 months, preferably a year.

This involves scheduling, and making sure that all of the animals' needs are met between both parties. This means we need to talk and communicate about how the animal is doing, what is new with the animal, and relate to each other, anything of interest or concern.

Rules aka boundaries are set up beforehand. Safety, Times, days, what is allowed, what isnt allowed, responsibilities, etc.

Part-leasing works best, when you have someone who is of a like-mind.

Much of this is quite relatable to poly/open relationships.
Sharing, commitment, communication, care,.....
Skills I already had, didn`t seem foreign, when I started a open relationship.
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