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Kevin & I just sat together ... I dunno, maybe half an hour to 45 min. The zabuton (or whatever it is called) and zafu combo make for such comfort and ease in sitting. I really noticed how pleasurable just sitting can be. I focussed on breath, but really also allowed a full appreciation of bodily pleasure in just being / sitting. There was no "falling through empty space" experience, such as the one I'd reported above. I neither miss that nor wish it away.

There is a hunger I'm noticing in sitting, a hunger which is not tormenting or troubling, which I embrace with feather lightness. It is not dukka, not suffering hunger. It is joy-hunger ... the shape of a knot letting itself dissolve in my heart-mind. It is as though I am sweeping the path to my home so I can welcome all of myself and all of the other/s who I am lightly humming into my world, playing a silent and invisible flute.

But it is spring, and these things happen in spring.
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