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neonkaos ,

I didn't mean you changed your position... I was talking in general

Yes the thread started out as something else and then things melted down.

Trying not to fixate on the bdsm aspect but it is a component of this. You maybe right and my head may be up my ass not going to argue that to hard, I'll try to work on that...

I'll pay for what ever I have to.....I was just saying should I feel obligated...and how is it wrong for saying his slave his bill/ you broke it you bought it.

I thought of my marriage vows before I got marriage.. I just thought of them again after our marriage had shifted....not unreasonable I don't think.
And its not unreasonable to think about now either. I didn't ask you that to upset you just didn't remember who said it.

Agree 100% my marriage not poly... dysfunctional.....right on the mark

I'm not looking for family crisis intervention here if that is the impression I apologize.