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I was wondering too about the likelihood of meeting or if you have met. Maybe its generational, but online boyfriends confuse me. What are your thoughts about actually seeing this man and spending real time with him. So much about a person is learned face to face and while observing them washing their dishes, taking a piss.

Sorry, I'm not meaning to devalue your feelings, I am legitiamtely wondering the kind of depth you might want to create. Could be a useful question for you to think about just the same no?

I think its great to share love in any way it comes to you, but what is the rush to move from flirting to boyfriend/girlfriend status? It sounds like you were enjoying the level of connection you already had. Is it your idea to move to a more close dynamic or your partners? would he feel more comfortable with you commiting to girlfriend status rather than flirt status? It seems too early some how. Maybe I am wrong?
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