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Default Another Planet

I am just embarking on this myself.

I have never been married and therfore I have been leased by the planet to spread love.

I never wanted anything more than to be special and supreme in some mans life but then men i was attracted to were not the ones that could provide that sort of thing and I experienced so much misery that I saw no other way to live than to accept what joy I did derive from these beings and if I could not then it would be wise for me to walk away. All those relationships ended too late, I lost a great deal of vitality on them.

Everyone has a story on how they got to this point. I had to shed a thousand skins. Its just a whole different perspective and a way to expand your mind. It is about love and not sex. Sex is so thankless without it.

I feel as though im on a fringe but I find people increasingly attractd to me the more I can let go. It is tough on them so the person who is the polyamorist has a great responsibility in keeping the peace.

I write in here to catch up with my thoughts. Any thoughs are welcome.
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