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I don't know if it would help to talk to a couple that has "dated" another guy, him being bisexual usually (not always), and sees a couple guys occasionally (just for sex most always). But I myself have had a poly relationship with a former wife and another girl. Then another girl. Though it wasn't a foregone conclusion, my wife became totally lesbian (she wasn't somebody who was sure and confortable about herself, so she could change her persona easily). In that case it was always a bisexual woman we already knew. Having a prerequisite friendship already long in place was almost a not negotiable rule for women. We never got even near dating a woman we didnt already know. Guys are so much simpler, if less personable. Anonymous sex is so OK with so many, but they can't understand how having a relationship is possible and more desirable, and better sexually. A few guys keep coming around, but still want to remain distant. It is so hard to find that happy medium with people. If only people would be open to thinking in new ways, better able to discard preset attitudes. I'm expecting too much from people - usually a very disappointing expectation.
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