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I don't take it personally. I'm from a very religious - mormon actually - family that is VERY, VERY politically active. I get what you're saying - probably on a level you don't, lol (no offense) since many family and friends are politicians, lobbyists, journalists, and such on the local, national, and international level (my father was president of a lobby group instrumental in much of the Doha legislature and other UN activity). I know first (or 2nd I guess) hand just what it takes to get things changed fro EITHER side.

But the abuses are there with the current system as well. That's not a valid reason to shoot down change. The polygamist "cults" within the FLDS and RLDS faiths are not a good example of ploy, we all know that - but there are aso good examples to be had even there - the Sister Wives show seems to show a very happy polygamist family with willing partners all. If poly was legally recognized, these groups would probably have HARDER time existing once their "relationships" came under the scrutiny of the mainstream, lol.

Point being, there's a dark side to everything human; the fact that poly has a dark side is no different than monogamy having one. The fact of there being one shouldn't cloud the issue.
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