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Trust me, I was wondering the same thing. Apparently she was curious. The first time she was caught off guard (she doesn't handle getting caught off guard very well, she freezes in that situation). But when it happened again, she decided to try it. She has told me before that she was curious if she could ever kiss a girl.

As to the types of kisses, they weren't making out, or hot and heavy. Just simple, gentle kisses from what I've been told.

Anyway, this kissing isn't the huge part. It's just that in conjunction with everything else. If there was no evidence that this girl liked me, my gf was just going to test the waters and talk to her when the moment was right. But since she does seem to like me as well, which has become evident enough in the past week (before it was only a strong suspicion), it seems like something that should be confronted, and not just let it go where it goes. And by confronting, I mean seeing how everyone feels, and how everyone, especially this girl, want these relationships to go.

As to why we didn't say anything. I found out about it after the girl had left. And frankly I was confused, exited, and a bit scared. So was my gf. One thing I have learned about myself, though, is that I handle these situations better when I am not running on strong emotions. So I decided to just wait it out on my part. My gf said that she would talk to the girl when she was ready, because she had to work out her own feelings first. And then school got in the way, and we didn't see each other for a while. And then when we did see her, nothing seemed abnormal, so the immediacy of the situation seemed to lessen. Basically, it just dragged, with no one really wanting to say anything. Not the best way to handle it, I know that now. But we did, and now this is where I'm at.

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