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I have walked away mono. Two weeks ago to be exact. We were so unhappy, hurting each other. I thought I was doing what was best for all three of us. I knew that tommyc couldn't end it, and Sea wouldn't. So I did. It took walking away, with all the tears, to realize what we had was worth fighting for. I've loved them both for so long, I'd rather spend my life without them, then hurt either of them.

Love evolves in a way that no one could possibly imagine. When we think we have the other person figured out, an emotion gets thrown in there that leaves you wondering if you have anything figured out.

If you had asked me 3 years ago if this is where I thought my life would end up, I would have laughed at you and walked away. Now this is my life. It's a struggle, and sometimes love isn't enough. But love gets us through today, so we can see what tomorrow brings. That's all anyone can ask for.
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