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What I find quite strange is that your girlfriend didn't say anything at the moment that she kissed her. You make it sound like they kissed several times and your girlfriend just went along with it, but now she's questioning what happened after the fact. I mean, huh? Was it a short kiss or a makeout session? It doesn't make sense to act as if their kissing was ... oh, I don't know, like she was just tying her shoelaces or something. Why wouldn't she have spoken up in the moment and said, "Hey! What's happening? You like me that way? I'm not sure how I feel about this..." yadda, yadda. Really, now it's something to confront? Now you're worried about alienating her? Your girlfriend basically just let her have her way with her. You were both confused that night but didn't say anything? I'm perplexed! What's up with that shit?
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