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Originally Posted by 2Bornot2B View Post
We have discussed this, and I told him very clearly how I feel about the Poly issue.

I wasn't talking about the "poly issue". I was talking about how he really feels about you, when you say "at least according to his best friend". It sounds like his best friend is some sort of facilitator. If he loves you, you should find out from HIM, not from any of your friends.

It might not be a bad idea to cut your losses before things get involved any further. Four months is not a very long investment and it's enough to determine whether or not you're fundamentally compatible with someone. You can love someone and be "in love" with them and still not be compatible partners when it comes to day-to-day life. It sounds from your post that you already know deep down that you're not into this but you're trying to argue with yourself, probably because there's still a fair amount of NRE. I would trust my gut feelings if i were you. Just because I'm capable of "being poly" and write on this forum doesn't mean I think people shouldn't be true to themselves.
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