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While I dislike people throwing out basic tendencies as well, they are just that,...tendencies. The perfect 'petri-dish-of-life' allows us to see those tendencies. Real world , is quite different though.

Actually, females of many herd-type animals are just as capable of logic. More so, depending on time of the year, and breeding season rituals.

We all watch far to much National Geographic, and dont understand the true ways animals work together.

I didn`t care to debate this,..but ah well,.. if you watch a mother of any species defend its young, or care for its family, or herd dynamics, ...or even associate ranking amongst other females,..they are extremely left-brain introverted.

Reverse is found often too : They will chase off predators, and confront them. While a male runs with the herd, to keep the majority safe. (fastest male, can lead the herd away, and keep it safe.)

Thats the difference. Introverted, versus extroverted. As Ariakas noted, front-end, versus back-end motivators.

Male, as left-brain extroverts, do not need incentive. This is the difference.

'The women are emotional, and men are logical' is such a very, very, basic generalization, it barely warrants mention.

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