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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Parallel parking and emotional way of being do not relate to me. Spacial capacity and logic don't go together for me... the whole female/male stereotyping doesn't work for me either... maybe its the people I hang out with... I think its kind of a cop out to blame anything on gender... I think for me it's more about training as a child. More about empowering people so they believe they can do anything. It frees them up to so much potential. Blaming gender often keeps me from thinking I am capable, so I don't allow it. I am an awesome parallel parker and can be very logical... I owe this to being empowered to be so... its nothing to do with gender I don't think.

I find on an almost daily basis that people are so quick to judge me on my gender and therefore capability within it. Especially while driving. If I cut someone off in traffic, it is somehow seen as I am a stupid woman, if a man does that to me it is somehow justified because I am just a woman. Not one sorry hand wave or glance with apology, just a blow off. If someone does that when Mono or PN are driving they are all apologetic. If my men cut someone off there is not one peep about it. No head shake, no hand flying up and eye roll... what is that shit?! Ya, driving brings out all those stereotypes it seems! As if everyone doesn't cut people off in traffic sometime or make some driving faux pas. Sorry.... off topic, very passionate about the driving thing
you mis understand, i wasn't relating parralell parking to logical or emotional. i was using it as an example of differences between gender.

regardless of how you personally park/feel about gender sterotyping etc there are proven biological/chemical differences between men and women which affects how we react to situations and how well we perform in situations.

as irritating as you find people who sterotype gender, i find people who dont equally frustrating. this equality empowerment thing is all very well. but telling yourself/people that men and women are the same is just incorrect.
i'm not saying we're not equal but we're not the same.

some one said above about fight vs flight. applying this to gender sterotypes. males are tradionally the hunter gather while females are stay at home look after the cave XD
in very basic terms women need to react impulsivly (emotion) and run to save themselves/children. men need to think about the situation (logic) to trap the animal.

on a socialiaztion level as well the gender difference is apparent. women are far more social than men. back to the cave men..females would require the support of other females to look after offspring etc. males view other males as competion and so have less need to be emotional and socialize.

we all like to think we're far more civilized than that, and as a society we no longer need these 'primitive' drives but on a purely biological level we're are so far behind, our bodies and body chemistry still react as if we are primitive animals.
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