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I am Brand new to this site and I need some !! help Pronto!! I think I am headed for nothing but pain and heartache, hopefully this site that I just found this a.m. will help me sort out my feelings. I have been in a relationship with a man for just 4 short months, now he's expressed to me that he is POLY! OMG thought I'd die! I have always had a MONO phylosophy and oulook with regard to my previous realtionship esp. my marriage, divorced now, starting to date again and look what I now have to deal with. My boyfriends' honesty has thrown me for a huge loop. He knew when we met that I needed and wanted a MONO relationship, but I know how strong the attraction between us was and still is, maybe he just figured that over time he'd open me up to this new realm of exploration, insight, freedom etc., I don't know. The mere thought of him being involved with another woman sends my body into a jealous feeding frenzy! What am I going to do?? End the realtionship now or open myself up to learning, and exploring the possibilities? I don't know what to do especially because I'm falling in love and he is too with me, at least according to one of his best friends, so now what are the options here?
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