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I agree. I think it is a balance. I've encountered met a person who was wholly one or the other (other than Spock). Although, I do know some people who swing pretty far on the Vulcan side. I guess I want there to be more recognition of the value of the emotional side so that they can begin to integrate and create a balance. The perception is often that logic is superior. I don't see emotional as superior, I think they are equal and different and both very necessary to form healthy individuals. The hegemonic patriarchy within western society does tend to view emotion (as a theoretical characteristic) as being 'feminine.' The video that RP shared kind of addresses this idea. When boys cry or show their emotions (other than anger), they're told to man up and stop acting like a girl. As if being a girl is a bad thing. It's not the individual people, but the social constructs I'm referring to. I'm also interested in the subject on a more personal level, of course.
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