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Originally Posted by ray View Post
My big thing right now is why do we see logical is superior. I suppose that it's because we align it with masculinity which is also viewed (talking macro-level, theoretical here) as superior. It is so acceptable for people to down play emotion and dismiss it. I'm tired of being told by society that I'm less than or less intelligent because I am an emotional person. That wanting to care about a cause or people is naive and a waste of time. If the world was all logic, there would be very few humanitarian groups. In the end, much humanitarian work can be "a drop in the ocean" but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter or shouldn't be done. But it takes individuals who care even if it is 'irrational' or 'naive.'
Pure emotional response tends to come without thought or processing. It tends to be reactionary only.

It is probably safe to assume you rarely have an unadulterated emotional episode. Just like people who are logical are rarely like spock.

You example of emotional usage, is based on logical creations of groups. If their core is emotional irrationality... they are still doing something about it logical and in an organized manner.

again, not gendered... its balanced albeit in different ways.

When its unbalanced you end up with some seriously fucked up people. That guy in a bar who got into a fight, and kills someone out of rage. The person who can't control their emotional highs of lust/love/infatuation... what does pure logic (and being implied, the lack of emotion) get us. Serial killers? Recluses? Drug users looking for the high of living?

People are generally balanced. They just may not seem that way sometimes.

I guess the long and short of all my responses, besides my inclination to not base it on genders... there is no such thing as logic vs emotion. They work together to create peoples personalities. Regardless of how far on the pendulum they think they may sit.
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