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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post

Mono - I'm not asking for benefits. I'm asking only that the SAME benefits apply unilaterally. If religion and politics are seperate, why are our relationships - and so many other things - legally defined by stigmas and rules developed almost entirely by religios factions? Scripture aside, what basis is there for heterosexual monogamous relationships being the oly ones recognized by the state?

"Benefits" doesn't necessarily mean "getting something" in this context, but merely not having something taken away!
ummmm... because most people in general believe moral fibre comes from faith. Moral fibre tends to define our core laws. Hence the connection.

Its been like that as long as there has been law. Its not something you will easily get to dismiss. The overwhelming (and it is that) majority tends to define, based on the religious and moral beliefs.

Its an unfortunate truth that defines society. If you want to defeat the law, you have to figure out how to define what you want as not being morally destructive. So in this utopia, how do you protect against the men (and women) who would abuse it by taking on drugged up underage girls as "wives".

If you want to take down a law, be prepared to defend the dark in seedy side of what you think it means. I have been around advocates and protesters most of my life. Most don't think of the flip side which is why most times their stance loses ground. You can't simply say "well that isn't poly"... what you think doesn't matter, its the public perception. For example, poly... its an unfortunate attachment to a label.

As a conservative male... who is poly... I am not entirely convinced the law should be taken down because I am not convinced there is a better way to deal with the dirty old men with 50 wives (Jonestown is an extreme example). Cults, or the really hidden side, the BDSM Masters who are actually abusive douche bags with ACTUAL slaves. Poly is such a tiny subculture within society that ANY subculture within poly that will make poly look bad you HAVE to be able to defend against.

Not all of this is directed at you HMA, for the record. Just my mental spew first thing in the morning...

It might seem like I am against all of this. I am just stating a case. Anyone who wants to throw down with a legal system as defined by christianity, great. But be prepared to defend every nuance of what poly is. Including the shit no one wants to admit is poly ..
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