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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Ari, I'm curious to hear how you see the genders as handling logic and emotion. As GS pointed out, the stereotypes do have some truth to them and I do find that my issues with logical folks are mainly men. The women I've known who are more logical were still more empathetic and tended to work cooperatively with me to establish common ground and understanding.
I personally think its just misdirected stereotyping. Women are logical in the things they need to be logical about. With their front end being emotional (sorry I am a software guy so I think of this as front and back end)

Men show the logical side but have deep seated emotions. When push comes to shove... men can be just as emotional if not more. (fights, sports, acting out etc)

Both have logic, both utilize it in their own ways..

People who suck at logic... or any type of intellectual control... suck at it, period. Men or women.

So I still don't see logic as a gendered thing. Its a topical based solution to problems and based on how its shown to the public. Since most stereotypes are judging a book by its cover, then yes, men are more logical. I just happen to dig the book too. As an extremely logical male with a deeply reactionary emotional side... I know I don't fit the stereotype at all.
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