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Default No shame (in a good way)

Mr. A is coming to visit this weekend. I am very happy for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that I haven't seen him for two weeks, so I look forward to the comfort offered by physical closeness.

Second, I'm excited to have him in our home. I miss our weekly dates, the three of us. It brought me such joy to see him and Indigo together, nerding out over some thing or another. I can't wait to sit back and enjoy their friendship.

Finally, I'm happy that this visit was negotiated with such ease. This will be the first time Mr. A has stayed overnight at our house, as when he lived in town I went to his place. Indigo has no issue with us sharing the air mattress in the spare room. In fact, he even offered up our bed with him on the air mattress, but that wouldn't have felt right to me. Besides, we're in need of a new bed and the air mattress is actually comfier.

Last night, I asked Indigo what he thought was reasonable in terms of alone time for me and Mr. A. It was easier to ask than I thought it would be. Awesomely enough, we had the same thing in mind: alone time when Mr. A arrives Saturday night, and some time Sunday afternoon. There will be texts/calls to make sure there are no surprises for me and Mr. A, and, more importantly, so that Indigo doesn't feel unwelcome in his own home or uncomfortable coming back. I do want alone time, but I feel the group time is just as important in maintaining four healthy relationships. I'm very, very pleased that we have struck a nice balance between the two.

So yeah. Good times to be had by all this weekend.
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