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Hi TP--actually he is on here--Hades36--and he's the one who introduced me to this Forum.

You may be right about the NRE. I think that especially after Saturday night it may be picking up and that's another aspect I need to learn how to deal with. I've done some poking around and reading on it and I'm trying to not let that be yet another thing that sends me down the negativity road, but damn--there are a LOT of things to have to adjust to in a short period of time, you know?

He's been doing his very best to be sensitive, thoughtful, spending time with me, etc. On one level, I shouldn't have any complaints because he's really being good about it, especially when I look at what some other people have had to deal with. But at the same time, it IS a struggle to see your partner having these feelings for another person, especially when you're struggling to build your own relationship with them and aren't totally sure where it's going.

It's definitely a learning process and one that tests your personal limits, I will say that!
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