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Default Swinging...

Originally Posted by Eloise View Post
I am in with another couple right now. They like to swing. I don't so much.
I can imagine the frustration that you might be feeling in your situation!

However, talking about swinging implies some things which may not always be true.

For instance, some "swingers" may as well be called polyamorous because they have built a more emotional connection that one would guess. Sometimes they may refer to their activity as "swinging" because it includes voyeuristic or exhibitionist leanings, but aren't void of a deeper connection at all.

My wife and I went to a few swinger parties to talk to people and see how they interact, not to participate. We found that a high percentage of the couples we spoke to actually demanded a decent degree of "getting to know" other participants before doing anything. Like hanging out, having dinner, etc...

Beyond that, I would suggest holding true to your boundaries and maintaining a high degree of frank communication about how you feel.
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