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Good and bad news... PN's dad has been given the week before they tell us that they recommend pulling the plug.. he just isn't getting better. we cross our fingers and wait.

My lovely Mono comes home tomorrow. I took the afternoon off and we intend to come right home to bed and lovin', dinner out to follow. And maybe a movie. Oh I can't tell you how much I missed him this week. He brings a lightness along with him where ever he goes. It doesn't matter what is going on he is always cheery... expect when he is grumpy, which isn't too often and usually because of poly related issues

I can't wait to bury myself into his arms and have a good cry. I needed him this week. I admit, I need him. I am not ashamed of that, I trust him entirely with my heart as I hope he does me with his own... this kind of commitment is life long. I intend to honour that... tomorrow
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