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Default meeting topics? Anyone?

Imaginary Illusion: Thanks for the clarification and encouragement. Sometimes I feel at peace with this life change, sometimes I don't.

I like that you and the others speak your truth and ask me questions that really make me look at myself in this situation. I am grateful also to see that there's.....sorta like a plan to this change, and that you're willing to help the new people to the life style. I've been to other boards where the members are just a small closed group not really interested in helping out. So thanks for doing so.

I want to get to a place of true love where I both accept and encourage this change for my wife and I, yet continue to deal with unexpected jealousy and/or fear. Does this pass? please say yes as I just could not imagine staying where I am long term.

Don't you have like a spell or something that I can chant/use to stay in the soft and fluffy side of life?

Truckerpete....Exactly. I get just how far out of touch with reality I was/ can be in relation to where I actually am today.

Derbylicious: Awesome insight. and one that gives me a great deal of peace of mind oddly enough.

So how does one discuss bring this up in polite conversation? I'm heading out to a meet up Wednesday where the man of the hour will be present and I'm a tad lost as to how to get the conversation going.

I'm the kinda guy who would normally just say something like: "So... my wife wants to have an ongoing sexual relationship with you, you in?"

I'll probably leave the approach to her though unless this stays in mystery because that uncertainty just makes me crazy. so unless otherwise directed,
Stay frosty folks


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