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If you don't want the government involved that is fair enough...but don't ask it for benefits. If you are asking for something tangible you should be prepared to offer something tangible....the revolution is wasting it's time if it refuses to pin things down. The system isn't going anywhere soon because it is driven by the vast bulk of society; learn to work within it because changing it is highly unlikely (hippy movement serves as a good example). if you can't convince me good luck with the rest of society..the refusal to establish criteria for valid poly relationships is why I can't find any hope for legal recognition beyond asking for freedom from persecution. Freedom from persecution does not cost anything and therefore does not require a strict definition. Things like benefits and employee privileges do; it is only resonable that to take something that has value and an affect on the operating costs of governments and employers should come with a criteria for validity.
In Canada,at least in BC, you need to be separated for at least a year before filing for divorce. Relationship status is taken very seriously. I think it is good to have solid criteria to be recognized as a valid benefit deserving relationship because everyone is paying into these things: they have a right to decide how that money is spent.

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