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The monogamous agreements that people enter into, and are recognized for the purposes of benefits, have one thing that poly will need to compensate for; stability. No one can expect government or employers to try to keep up the fluidity of relationships even seen on this forum. The administrative burden of paperwork to assign and de-assign benefits would be ridiculous in many cases. One day you could be together..the next you are not...the next day you are. The paperwork and criteria to qualify for benefits are extensive and limiting for a reason; to create a benchmark of commitment and longetivity to recognized couples. When poly can come up with some way and agreed upon idea of what avalid relationship entails, thenwe can lobby for rights and benefits. This community is defined to broadly and without enough criteria to have relationships recognized legally or by employers. Unfortunately some people will get left out of any description that will be sufficient to legitimately seek recognition. How do we handle that?

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