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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Why would we want to deny any legal advantage or "special" treatment to those who practice monogamy? The vast majority of modern civilization practices monogamy. To me this rings of the same train of thought that there should be no "personal possessions" that is held by some anarchist friends I have. If people chose to live outside of the norm then they shouldn't begrudge the benefits to those who do. Stop expecting people to give up things and figure out ways to get them for yourself if you are jealous of them...that's like trying to tear down a neighbor's house to achieve parity instead of building up our own.
I am totally for taking the time to create MORE privileges across the board, not taking away. I treasure the privileges I share with Maca. I just wish I could ALSO share them with GG...

More later, there's a drama here, I really can't focus well enough to get through the list. I'm sorry.
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