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Red face Hi all

Hello everyone.

My name is james Im 19 and gay and live in Sacramento California. I never been in a polyamorous relationship but I am very interested in it. I guess Im Poly-curious lol.

My main problem with myself is that trying to get into a monogamous relationship I get passed up because I am overweight and what everyone calls small endowed. So it kinda took a hit on my self esteem. Doing some research I found out out about polamory. I thought well hell, if monogomy is not working I may as well try this. Im looking to learn and read and meet with people in my area and see if I can find a couple or just someone, anyone, who will accept and love me for me. So yeah thats my little intro and Im usually not that open but I guess I need to start lol...

Well thats it hope to make many friends here.
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