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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
As for meeting the other guy? That's happening this Wednesday. wish me well. Any advice on the meeting will be appreciated. I promised my wife I'd not talk about guns, martial arts or club affiliations so I may need some help in the conversation planning I think.
Probably a good plan...last thing your wife probably wants to do is get in the middle of a Shooting Edge vs Firing Line discussion, or my MA Style can beat up your MA style, let's go outside and prove it!

Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
ImaginaryIllusion: You ask some tough Questions ya know? I have had to re examine just about everything i thought I knew about me, my wife and our relationship and do so with ruthless abandon. Painful? oh yes indeed, also Insightful and quietly inspirational.
Yeah, I'm probably known for that...but it's a technique that's served me very well in the past. Good on you for sticking to it...I think the mere prospect scares most people away from it. Yes, it can be painful, but the results are more than worth it.

Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
By the way I have no idea what this means: but if you're worried about you the classic wife 'opposite day' thing I'm slow.... use small words.
lol...that's the thing that wives do where they say one thing and mean the opposite.
Ever see the commercial where the guy was going golfing on an Anniversary? ... On the way out the door he keeps asking the wife if it's ok with her ...and she keeps saying "Yeah, it's fine."...(with that tone and look that anyone who has lived with a woman for any length of time should know better)
I think the last scene is him outside on the way to the car and there's sounds of dishes and stuff breaking from the house...
Opposite Day.

Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
And Vodkafan I'm still working my way through your journey here. I'm sorta curious what i may be posting 8 months from now.
It's like growing up...don't need to be in too much of a rush. You're off to a good start, but it pays to be patient....lord knows I learned that the hard way.

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