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Thank you.

That sounds about right.
Not to say I'm proud of it.
I thought I was over wall punching in my teenage days.

Although the strange part is, I knew the other couple, albeit platonic.

When I talked to "my couple"
I got an earful of how long it had been since they had fun
And it wasn't planned on
and they didn't make the first move anyway
and they were all friends
so what did it matter
and "next time" I could do something with the male friend.

I don't think
I want that sort of selective inclusion
I admit the other couple were attractive
but I lost my taste for them in that context.

I am also thinking that
20 hour study days
are beginning to affect my ability to cope
big time

And as for not liking of the partner so much
she has become more mature
and more attractive
and more likeable to others
because, I am told,
I hold her accountable
I just didn't think I'd sign on
to raise a child 10 years my senior

Maybe that's a factor. She did improve due to me
and she reaps all the reward
and I feel forgotten.

I don't like these feelings of jealousy.
of hurting
I studied 18 hours a day, 7 days for 21 days. This on top of classes.
I don't think I have anything left.
Maybe that why I burst like a dam.
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