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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
What is an emotional response to something? Is it effectively knowing when to lie? The island scenario by hurricane for instance. If you want to survive you know what you need to do. However, at least for me, I know what others want to hear most of the time and could tell them "no I wouldn't eat you, of course not!" if I chose to. I feel like being "emotional" is more about coddling people, to make them "feel" better. I think people that don't understand this too well are usually those suffering mental illnesses like anti-social-personality-disorder or aspergers.
hmm, i suppose it would depend how you view emotional/logical.
for me an emotional response is an impulsive one, something i do without thinking-kissing someone without considering the consequences.
a logical desicion is more detached, considering only the facts not the emotional side effects.

it's interesting you mention ASPD/aspergers. the spectrum for aspergers is vast, the majority of people exhibit symptons on some level. however a vareity of mental illnesses affect your ability to experience, perceive and react correctly to emotional situations. Psychopathy for instance.
but having a personality disorder doesnt mean you have a mental illness or that there is actually anything wrong with you, and reacting in a more logical way or a more emotional way doesnt neccesarily indicate an mental illness.

As someone said above, men and women use their brains differently, a lot of typical sterotypes are down to this. a womans apparently inabilty to parallel park for instance :P men are better as spatial awareness because of the way their brains work. the same can be said of emotion/logical reasoning. men have a tendancy to over think and rationalise things, women tend to be more impulsive and emotional.

you say emotional is more about coddling people, im not sure thats emotional, i think thats even more detached and cold than be truthful. after all you're fully aware of your truthful answer, how it will affect them and how to lie to avoid the inevitable upset/confrontation. surely that's far more logical than the initial 'obvious' response of 'surival'??
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